My week in pictures #90

Monday, October 20

(From top left) It is always more entertaining when your chemistry experiments look colourful. Got photos taken for my first passport - they are hideous... I don't look good when I'm not smiling! Dad bought me cute heart shaped tart tins so I mad these leak quiches. Scott and I saw a tiny little lizard on our sunday walk. 
You don't really get a quiet week when your at uni and this week has been no exception. After getting back to the flat on Monday I've been busy doing work and trying to get myself into a better sleeping pattern. Two highlights from my uni week have been completing a group presentation when went as well as could be expected and I also got 92% in my physics tutorial questions which I am over the moon about. All in all it has been a pretty good week.

On Friday I got the train home with Scott. I got to stay at his for an hour (which was mostly spent snuggling on the sofa) until my mum came to get me. On Saturday I got my hair cut after months and months and it feels so lovely and has a better shape too. I failed at getting good photos from my passport but I'm just going with it anyway because you can't really take good ones - can you? Watching strictly with my mum in front of the fire is always lovely.

Sunday was spent as sundays should be with my boy and my family. My aunt and uncle came for tea because they'd not seen me in ages and it was good to introduce Scott to them too. By the time they left, mum and I caught up on the strictly results show and I got to bed I was shattered!

Theres to another good week - hopefully you all have one too.

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend. Good luck with the sleeping, it's a hard one, I know, but it's very important!
    Andreea |

  2. those quiches look scrumptious. i want some now! oh dang! uni does take a toll on you hope you fix your sleeping pattern!


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