Introducing My November/December Advertisers

Wednesday, December 31

'Written in Black & White' is a lifestyle blog started in February of this year by Bethany. Her blog is a lovely mix of beauty, baking and lifestyle posts. She shares her activities, like her trip to the Harry Potter Studios. It is great to see her blogs writing and photography improve over the months and I'm sure there are great things to come. Over the festive period I've particularly over her reindeer nail art post and the super cute reindeer cakes.

Her blog header was also designed by me. She also did an interview with me back in May - you can read it here. 

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'Shuttersong' is a great app that allows you to record up to 15 seconds of music to add to your pictures. This would be perfect for remembering occasions when the sound is just as important as the pictures such as at music gigs (where I would use it most) and taking photos of your children as they grow up. Your friends don’t need the app to view your shutter songs- you can share them on facebook or your own shuttersong stream. Something great for us bloggers is you can also add them to your blog post. They have both an app for your iPhone and Windows Phone 8.

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'The Money Shed' is a brilliant site for anyone who want to earn money online from home. You can talk to like-minded people in their forums including topics like earning money online and money saving tips. This would be great for students, stay at home parents or anyone trying to save for something special. Don’t forget to head there too if you have some helpful blog posts and share them. The Money Shed was created to offer members a free and safe place to discuss their ideas and promote their referral links.

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At the moment I'm unsure about offering advertising on my blog for January and February - I want to gage the interest so if your thinking about it please send me an email at


  1. Looks like you have some lovely advertisers that you seem to really believe in!


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