My week in pictures #97

Tuesday, December 9

(From top left) Purchased my T in the Park ticket for next July - let the excitement begin! Went for a walk and took some photos with my blogging flatmate Eilidh. On Saturday afternoon I saw Aberdeen play Hamilton (and win!!). The local deer was just wandering around outside my window on Sunday morning. 
Last week exam panic really started to sink in so many late night were spent in the library studying for my Chemistry exam on Monday. I actually got quite a lot done but still didn't feel prepared for the exam. Sadly the majority of my week was as boring as that as well as getting home and watching too many episodes on Grimm on netflix.

On Friday though I enjoyed a few glasses on wine with dinner and got the bus into town to meet Scott and his work colleagues for a few drinks. I had a few to many... to quote my boyfriends tweet: "You know you have the right girlfriend when she is skipping along Union Street at 1am happy we are going to McDonald's." I had such a good night though and everyone was lovely. Saturday was spent having a huge lie in before heading to pittodrie for the football. We then cooked cottage pie for tea and crawled back into bed because we were shattered. 

Scott was going home on Sunday but before he left we took a walk to B&Ms to get some more christmas lights. I was sad to see him go but I had more studying to do. 

Two exams this week but I feel okay about them - then on Friday I'm going to be at Scotts to decorate his christmas tree. I am extremely excited for the coming weekend. Hope everyone else is having a good week. 

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  1. Aww sounds like you had a lovely week lady! :) love the pic of the deer as well. So cool that it was just chilling outside your window!! :D xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog


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