My week in pictures #101

Sunday, January 4

(From top left) My favourite diva dames tea dress and a faux fur scarf for visiting my grandma. My passport arrived - I can officially fly abroad. Scott and I before heading out on hogmanay (you can see what I wore here). A indian banquet for the first day of the year. Been making a start on some thank you cards. A cheeky KFC with Scott today (I feel so fat).
Well thats the festive season well and truly done and dusted for this year... always makes me slightly sad while still excited for a fresh start. It has been a crazy week of doing not very much - after feeling slightly stuck in the house after Christmas we headed down to see my Grandma on Tuesday. We had a nice family meal out with her and my uncle and aunty who also live down there.

On new years eve I went to Scotts in the later afternoon and we cooked tea together before getting ready to go out. We spent the evening with some of Scotts school friends before heading out to the pubs for the bells. I'm not going to dwell on that night any longer because thinking about it really annoys me. I got a bit to drunk and not only ruined my night but I ruined Scotts too. The next day was awful as well...

We've not done much else this week to be honest. Lazied around watching films and eating to much chocolate. Scott gave me the cold so I'm not feeling to hot at the moment... Hopefully it clears up soon because I'm feeling mighty fed up of it. Today he came out in the afternoon and we did some shopping and had lunch at KFC. Sadly he had to get back to watch the football so it was only a quick visit. 

I've got lots planned for the coming week too so I'm excited. Wish time wasn't running out for going back to uni though.

This week I blogged everyday to fit in all the christmas/new year themed posts I wanted to get out of the way. You can catch up here:

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  1. Really nice pics :) Happy new year :D


  2. that curry looks yummy

  3. If you can't indulge during the holidays then when can you! At work today everyone was exactly the same, no one can bear to look at another piece of chocolate. :)

    Sounds like you had a fab time though which is all that matters!

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes


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