Peach Knitwear and Double Denim

Friday, January 23

Shirt: River Island | Jumper: Britfash* | Jeans: Hollister | Shoes: Vans 
This is a simple outfit I've been meaning to style on my blog for ages. The beautiful pale, peachy pink of this jumper really compliments the pale blue of the denim shirt. My love for cute collars coming out of knitwear will never fade either. Double denim was a big trend for a while but there is less of it going around however I thought that pairing it with jeans would make a nice change to my normal skater skirts.

These jeans were bought last year in the Hollister sale. It is not normally a shop I buy in but these were as simple as I like jeans to be. They are probably a little low rise for my liking though that is probably me just being self conscious. I think it makes the perfect outfit for running about doing bits and bobs. I hoped these new vans would be perfect for keeping comfy but sadly they've been giving me blisters. I'll just have to let them heal and keep trying to break them in. They are the most gorgeous paisley red pattern and I've wanted them for months. You can see a closer picture here

Hope everyone has had a good week. Finally my cold is on the mend! I'm going out for a lecture at 12pm then when I finish uni at 2pm I'm going to head into town for a bit of cheeky solo shopping. 

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