My week in pictures #104

Monday, January 26

(From top left) Feeling unwell on Tuesday but I made a tasty chicken curry for tea. My flatmate/boyfriend has managed to get me into silent witness. Went for dinner at Jamie's Italian with Scott on Wednesday - it was such a treat. A wee sales haul from shopping on Friday (I really shouldn't have spent so much). A gorgeous new jumpsuit from Dorothy Perkins - I'm so in love. Dinner with Scotts parents on Saturday night - we all went to chiquitos.
Last week started off very badly - I got a really nasty cold and didn't get much sleep. Scott was staying over and I was scared I would wake him up by rolling around all night. I did manage to get to all my lectures but the rest of the time I was curled up in bed. 

Thankfully on Wednesday I was feeling better because it was date night. Scott and I went to Jamie's Italian on Union Street and it was delicious. I have the fried mackerel with mussels while Scott had a dish with turkey. Going out to eat is our favourite thing to do together. Apart from going out my eating has been really good - I've not had chocolate and sweets since getting back to uni. I've also cut out cheese and chips in my diet. Snacking is another huge problem (I would eat constantly) but I have almost stopped it totally. 

On Friday afternoon I fancied a trip to the shops so I got the bus into town after uni. I got some treats in Dorothy Perkins, accessories and primark. All the items were in the sale and will feature on my blog this week. We headed into town at night and din't get home until 4pm. Staying out until the nightclub closed and then McDonalds too.

Despite my lack on sleep I got up on Saturday and hoovered and mopped the whole flat. Scott was coming round in the afternoon and I wanted everything to be nice. We were going out for tea with his parents in the evening. It was really good to see them again because we don't do it nearly enough.

Sunday was spent lazily in the morning before going out to get things for fajitas for tea. Once he had left I felt quite deflated and just lay in bed watching vampire diaries. Hence why this post didn't go up in time.

Hopefully everyone had a good week too and I'll see you later in the week for more new content.

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