My week in pictures #105

Sunday, February 1

(From top left) A movie night on Monday consisted of 'Chalet Girl' and 'The First Time'. Doing the geology practical with microscopes. Finally finished 'A feast for Crows'... Only started it in September. Mums homemade meatballs when I came home on Friday. A new asos magazine will hopefully inspire me. Before shopping on Saturday with my mum (didn't see anything I liked in town though).
This week has been kind of lonely... living in a student flat is great until all of your flatmates are out and you spent the whole day by yourself! To combat this on Monday night I watched 'Chalet Girl' for the first time (and love it!) then watched 'The First Time' which is a charming rom com. 

The rest of my week was fairly uneventful - Wednesday was a lazy day because I didn't have any classes. I made banana bread which was fun because I've done so little baking at uni. On Thursday Scott came round after I'd finished university and we got a take away pizza (and eat to much!) then watched silent witness. 

I got the worst most painful blisters walking to uni on Friday then my 2pm practical class was just weird. We sat in the computer room for two hours without talking just following the worksheet- not even sure there was a tutor there. However Scott gave me a lift home after he had finished work.

I had a lovely chilled time at home. Mum and I went shopping on Saturday but I didn't see anything I liked. We bought all three seasons of Sherlock and watched it at night in front of the fire. Sadly because I no longer have Mondays off I had to get the bus (yes bus - the trains were all canceled!?) back to Aberdeen tonight. It is bloody freezing outside and I'm happy I don't have to go out again.

Hope you all had a good week! I'm working on a blog redesign at the moment so I'd love to know where you get your layout inspiration from. 

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  1. It sounds like you had a lovely week - despite the blisters! You've reminded me that I really need to try making banana bread - my friend made vegan chocolate banana bread before and it was incredible, so I'll need to ask her for her recipe!



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