My week in pictures #106

Monday, February 9

A beautiful new dress from Blue Vanilla*. Homemade chicken curry for tea - so tasty! I bought some cute daffodils in Lidl for only 50p. I had time to straighten my hair before uni (always a good day). Scott and I think weekend (such a good weekend). We also watched the Wedding Crashers... after starting it in March and never getting to the end. 
This week has felt like quite along one but that is maybe just because of all the late finishes I've had. Monday started off the week with a nice tea together with a potential new flatmate - we then watched 'The Other Woman' which is such a funny movie. After that not much happened until Scott came round on Wednesday for our favourite tea of spaghetti and meatballs! We then just watched dragons den (because we can't watch anything on 4oD because the wifi won't allow it to buffer) and had a fairly early night. 

The end of the week passed without much else happening, going to uni, housework and cooking. I caught up on various TV shows and lay on the sofa with my ice cream watching silent witness with my flatmate on Friday.

Saturday was busier and more exciting; Scott came round and we went to see Aberdeen beat Ross County at pittodrie in the afternoon. Early evening we went to the pub to watch the Scotland rugby game (maybe I had to much Guinness because I can't remember it so well). We then went for dinner at giraffe (so yummy from what I can remember) then a few drinks turned into a few more - the live music in the Irish pub was great too so we stayed for quite a while. We eventually got home around 2pm. I thought it would be weird being out in town with just my boyfriend but we had a great time in our own little bubble. 

Needless to say a lot of Sunday was spent in bed but thankfully my hangover wasn't bad at all. It was lack of food that was killing me so we went to lidl to get some sausages for breakfast. We went to get some shopping in the afternoon which included Scott buying a soda stream because he 'fancied one'. We came home and watched Wedding Crashers which we actually started the first time I went to his!? The internet was so bad that day we never actually finished it so I've finally seen the end. We made chilli nachos for tea before Scott had to go home and get ready for work the next day. 

This weekend has been really busy and I loved it. Hopefully next weekend will be just as good. Hope everyone had a great weekend too.

On a side note my bloglovin following has been doing down recently and I can't work out why. I know its not all about stats but everyone wants to improve (or just stay the same)... Any advice would be appreciated. 


  1. i'm glad you had fun, my weekend was a busy one other than that i'm pretty happy about life in general

  2. I have no idea why it's going down Claire! I love your blog. Maybe people are looking for some new content- sometimes different from you.

  3. Looks like an ace week lovely lady! Have I mentioned that your hair is gorgeous?! <3

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Lovely picture collage <3

    Would love to follow each other if you're internet? Let me know :)


  5. Kate @Violetdaffodils19 February 2015 at 23:55

    Lovely photographs :D



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