My week in pictures #107

Monday, February 16

(From top left) Have you seen my new blog design? I updated it on Tuesday night. We went to the Harry Potter quiz at the pub on Wednesday. Valentines with Scott (I can't buy serious cards). A walk on Saturday morning and watching the ducks swimming, Homemade pizza - so yummy. When your boyfriend wants to watch the football and you want to watch the rugby (I got the bigger TV).
Feel an overwhelming sense of sadness right now because the weekend is over. I had the most perfectly lazy valentines weekend at Scotts. 

Before that though I had a very busy week with uni work; I've done two assessments both of which I got Bs in, submitted a lab report and been trying to keep up to date with lecture notes. I also spent Tuesday night finally updating my blogs layout. I'd love to know what you lot think too so leave me a comment. 

On Wednesday night Eilidh and I headed off to the Harry Potter quiz at the bobbin! It was really good fun and I got a lot of the questions right too (the name of the first chapter of the second book anyone?). Actually it has inspired me to reread them. It also involved a little too much alcohol for a school night and a tipsy walk home and a midnight snack of chips.

I've been getting really into sims again this week so when I was lying in bed tired with a sore tummy I spent hours playing it it... oops! Really loving designing them new houses and things though. 

After a very rushing about Friday with chores and lectures I finally went to meet Scott to get the train home. The weekend was perfect with lots of homemade food (lasagne, pizza and Mexican chicken). He doesn't really do valentines day so we didn't make a fuss and spending time together is enough for me. We played monopoly most of the evening then I spilt his drink down him when he won (not deliberately).  The weekend was unbelievably lazy and cosy. After going to bed at about 10:30pm last night I feel full of beans.

Did you see Wednesdays wishlist post? I'd love to know which of the dresses is your favourite: leave me a comment here.


  1. I adore the Sims! I thought that the Sims 4 would be better though, my sister was a little disappointed with the newest expansion pack. Although, the next one is going to be about careers and actually being able to go to work which should be really good! Excuse the geek in me, HAHA!
    Rebecca xxx

  2. I love the new blog layout! Looks fab. Homemade pizza is the best - I made pita pizzas today which were yum. I would love to go to a Harry Potter quiz too! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  3. A Harry Potter quiz? Omg why don't we have them here? That sounds like so much fun! But if it's questions like "name the first chapter of the second book", I would be so lost. I know pretty much everything else though! (Or I would like to think that I do at least) :b

  4. My boyfriend and I don't celebrate Vday either, just spending time together is enough for us too! Also that pizza looks delicious. :)


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