My week in pictures #111 (#110)

Sunday, March 15

(From top left) Delicious baked potatoes for dinner - yum yum yum! Finished winter ghosts which was a brilliant little read. A wee shopping spree because I needed something new for the weekend.

(From top left) I've been waiting for these daffodils on the way to uni to flower for weeks. We went to visit my aunty on Saturday which was lovely. Dad made a delicious tapas dinner - totally spoilt when I go home.
I have been such a bad blogger... on the other hand I have done LOADS of university work and actually feel on top of everything for a change. I think when I came home from Glasgow last week I just felt so home sick and didn't feel like reflecting on the past week at all. 

I went to Glasgow with a group of my boyfriends friends for one of their birthdays which was great. We went shopping in the afternoon, tea and cocktails at the hard rock cafe then out in town at night. It involved quite a lot of alcohol and crazy dancing to cheesy music (which is basically my favourite night). We stayed in one of the fancier places I've ever been too and it was just a really really lovely weekend. 

When I got back to the flat on Monday I decided I needed to be productive. I finished a lab report, submitted a few assessments and did lots of revision. The most work I've done in one week at uni and I feel amazing about it.

We also went to view our first house which was eventful... after trekking through the rain for twenty minute they weren't in!!  It wasn't the sort of area we would of liked to live in anyway but when we got home I just felt so disheartened. 

As the week went on I was just feeling more and more home sick... Thankfully I got the train back on Friday afternoon to see my family which was amazing. The weekend passed so quickly. We went to visit my aunty in Perth and I got some lovely (and very late) christmas presents. I even got to have a Mothers Day lunch with my mumma before leaving for Aberdeen again. 

This will be my last week of being a teenager as on Saturday I hit the big two zero... Hopefully I can plan something fun with my friends for the weekend.

The next post on this blog will be my 3ooth!! I was trying to think of something special to do but my mind just isn't coming up with anything so it will probably be an outfit post unless you have any other ideas?

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  1. The clothes you bought look lovely! I also enjoy drunken nights out, dancing to cheesy music; it just puts everyone in a good mood!
    Olivia x


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