A 70s Inspired Jumpsuit from Girls on Film

Wednesday, March 18

Jumpsuit: Girls on Film via Dorothy Perkins | Shoes: M&S | Hat: Vintage | Clutch: Vintage

Wow this is my 300th blog post… 300 is a huge number how have I managed to keep it up for this long!?

Onto this extra special jumpsuit for the occasion - you might remember I picked it up in the Dorothy Perkins sale for only £9.60 in February. As soon as I put it on I feel in love; it is so comfy and flattering on my figure. I think it will fit in with this 70s vibe that is going around at the moment so I also styled it with this small blue fedora that I borrowed for mum (she’s never worn it) and this black clutch (also hers) because I left my new one in Aberdeen. With something as loud as this I didn’t want to style it up too much so just added some simple bracelets. 

I’ve not actually been invited anywhere that I can wear this to yet unfortunately… maybe something will come up soon. It is not something I’d feel comfortable wearing out in town or maybe this is just me. Keep your fingers crossed!

On another note it is my 20th birthday this Saturday (crazy!?) and I’d love to reach 350 bloglovin’ followers before then. If you enjoy reading my blog then follow this link. 


  1. That's such a gorgeous jumpsuit and you look crazily fab in it! :) x

  2. Congratulations Claire!! I'm loving your mum's hat I must say! Wish my mum had that much style

  3. I love this! I especially love the back zip with the cut outs as it makes it sightly different! It looks gorgeous on you :)
    Olivia x

  4. What a cool outfit...and happy early birthday!!! :)

  5. Just caught up on your last few posts and OMG just wanted to say how amazing this looks! Lovely colors, and the fit is perfect!

  6. Kirsten Buchanan17 April 2015 at 16:57

    That jumpsuit is amazing! And what a price! You look fabulous in it too.




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