My week in pictures #113

Monday, March 30

(From top left) A walk through the cutest area of Aberdeen on Wednesday. Going out for a friends birthday on a Tuesday. Binge watched CSI: NY season 9 this week... oops!! Geology field trip on Sunday looking at pretty rocks at Portsoy.
Well I didn't get up to much last week so I'll keep this post short and sweet so as not to bore you all. I was not productive at all and did the bare minimum in terms of uni work - even though I was off all day on Wednesday I just didn't seem to get round it. I watched a whole series of CSI: NY... that is 17 episodes! I also watched a ridiculous number of phone reviews on youtube - I'm very tempted by a Moto G. Does anyone have one?

Despite being a first year university student I'd never been out during the week (I'm more and a come home and put on my jammies person). That all changed on Tuesday though when we went out for Euan's birthday. It was actually a really really good night so hopefully we have the chance to do it again soon.

Sunday was Scott and Is first anniversary- one of the quickest and best years of my life! We went out for a delicious Italian meal at Rustico in Aberdeen on Saturday night. It was so good and just reinstated how spoilt I am.

On Sunday I was up early! 7am my alarm went off which would have been 6am if the clocks hasn't gone forward... We were off to Portsoy for our first year geology field trip. Remember when I went last year in May? The day was really good - we learnt lots and it was lovely to put on my walking boots and be out in the fresh air. When we got home I was so drained I barely moved again from my bed.

Hope everyone had as good a weekend as me! I promise there will be some proper content on the blog later this week.


  1. Looking lovely in that photo!

    Where in Aberdeen is that top left picture? It looks so cute.

    - Laura xo

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary! :) I love a good Italian meal - I haven't had one in ages though, unless you count pizza last week...!

    Milly //

  3. Happy Anniversary! I love Rusticos, the food there is amazing and it's always busy which is a good sign. I'm glad that you were spoiled on your anniversary šŸ˜Š xx

  4. Happy anniversary! Congratulations to you and Scott.


    p.s. you look so pretty in that photograph too - your hair looks lovely curled!


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