My week in pictures #112

Tuesday, March 24

(From top left) Somehow I managed to reach 300 posts on G is for Gingers last week. I baked orange a poppy seed cakes (a recipe will follow this week). I got up especially to watch the eclipse on Friday morning. Spent Friday night having my nails done and watching 'This Means War' with my flatmates. A delicious birthday lunch out with my mum and dad on Saturday. My birthday night out with my lovely boyfriend and flatmates on Saturday night.
I always get crazy excited for my birthday then disappointed when it only lasts one day. I did have a great weekend with my parents then flatmates. We had a nice girly movie night on Friday watching a film and doing our nails. On my actually birthday my folks came up to Aberdeen and we did a spot of shopping (although I didn't see anything I fancied) then went for lunch at Wagamamas. We'd never been before but loved the cook book so we were excited. I had the Surendra’s curry with chicken which was so tasty but very spicy. Their menu was huge though so I was very impressed. 

In the evening Scott and his friend Iain came up for my birthday night out. It was the perfect night out because I wasn't too drunk so can remember everything... I just had the best time. We got a Mcdonalds on the way home... and went again in the morning (oops!!). I spent the whole of Sunday in bed binge watching CSI NY.

The week before my birthday was just spent in sleepless excitement. Of course I tried to do as much uni work as possible and the usual housework. Scott came round on Wednesday and we made lasagne for dinner then just sat in bed, chatted and laughed for a few hours.

I had only two more teaching weeks of first year which is SCARY... today we got our exam timetable too! Wish me luck over the next few weeks guys as I finish course work.

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