My week in pictures #119

Sunday, May 10

(From top left) On Friday morning I woke up to a very yellow Scotland - feel very proud to live in a country where so many people care about Scotland's voice. A cute spot in my uni looking even more amazing with the blossom. A very tasty salmon dinner on sunday - brain food! I bought myself a treat in the Fat Face sale - I did have a voucher after all.
This week has actually been pretty boring so this post will be kept short and sweet with the highlights. I've done two of my four exams for this semester on Monday and Friday. Apart from that I've spent most of my time revising. Scott came round on Wednesday and as he had the week off he came a little earlier. We went and did a spot of homeware shopping and lunch down at the beach - it was kinda starting to rain or we would have gone for a walk.

On Saturday morning I headed into town with my flatmate Eilidh - we needed to go to the bank and I also fancied a trip to the fatface sale. They always do such bargains but I decided to restrain myself and only buy this gorgeous top. Such a staple but also lovely quality - well worth the £20 price tag. 

Saturday night was the best though - Scott and I got a take-away and eat it in our jammies. Then we played cluedo (because we found rules for a two player game online) then the pointless board game too. After a few ciders I slept very soundly in my bed all cuddled up. Today though was probably the most important day of the week - we had a flat viewing both Eilidh and I felt very serious about. The long and short of it was we got the place!! The whole thing was very stressful for me because I just hate these sort of social situations and the pressure. You'd never go into a shop and hand over £400+ on a whim but that's just what you have to do while looking for a student flat. After a lazy day and going over it in my head I'm getting very excited to live their next year.

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  1. I never heard of the company Fat Face. I definitely need to Google search that store. lol.


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