My 20th Birthday Presents

Thursday, May 7

My birthday is on the 21st of March... that is a whole 47 days ago! Thats how long it has taken my to get this post sorted for you guys. I have my reasons though - because I'm away at uni at the moment I didn't see most of my family until a few weeks after my birthday and wanted to wait. I did this type of post both for my 18th birthday and 19th birthday so I really should continue the tradition. It goes without saying that I'm not bragging just thought you might be interested. Most of my family sent me up some money in my birthday cards and you can see some of the nice things I've already bought in last weeks haul post.

My flatmates know me so well!! This supercute cake tin contained all the ingredients for cookie dough cupcakes which sound amazing but I've still not made... Planning to give them ago next week though when all exams are over. The candles also smell divinly of 'white orchid'. Those are most gone now because I had them on a lot.

This was the most practical 'grown up' present I got - this Oral-B toothbrush was from my parents and it is the best present. Everyone likes to have white teeth but I can also be quite obsessive about keeping mine clean and healthy. Of course I had to hunt out the colour edition in purple too because it is my favourite colour.

These little goodies were from my boyfriend Scott. He has just combined my three favourite things - stationery (from paperchase), candles and chocolate. He bought me the small tester candles of 'Summer Scoop' and 'Garden Sweet Pea' incase I didn't like them and we can buy bigger ones at a later date. The chocolates are all gone too because oh my goodness they were good!!

If you read my week in pictures you'll know on my actual birthday my parents came up to Aberdeen for lunch. We went to wagamamas in union square and did a little shopping. It would be my birthday if my mum didn't treat me to a little something and I picked these cute pieces from Accessorize. I actually left them in Aberdeen over the easter holidays which means I've not worn them yet... When exams are over though and I wear something other than my joggers I'll have them on a lot.


  1. You got some really cool things for your Bday. It always seem like people always buy me candles, since they know I am a hard person to shop for. lol.

  2. Melissa Blake8 May 2015 at 20:19

    Happy belated birthday!! That stationery is so pretty! xoxo

  3. Such pretty presents! I had a card to send to you but with the Leaving Cert - I never managed to send it :( The Lily O'Brien's chocolates look yummy (The company is Irish haha) Hope you had a wonderful birthday x

  4. Love it! By the way, I'm a fan of gingers as I come from a family of all ginger girls :)




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