My week in pictures #120

Monday, May 18

(From top left) Our last flat dinner - a pizza takeaway. Going off out to my final exam. Post exam celebrations and the last Vanity Friday of the year. Going out for tea at the Filling Station in Aberdeen with Scott.
This week has been another one full of revision - I had my final two exams on Thursday and Friday which I thought both went well. A few exciting thing did happen too though. On Tuesday my aunt and uncle came up to take me out for lunch. We went to frankie and benny's (where I had a very yummy goats cheese and pepper sandwich) then they came to see the flat before going home. It was so nice to see them and just the relaxing afternoon I needed.

Scott came up for a bit of a surprize visit on Wednesday - I thought he wasn't coming to let me revise but he came anyway. What a sweetheart! After my ecology exam on Thursday we got a take away as a flat and just sat on the living room floor and chated. We are all going home for summer this week so it was good to spend some more time together. 

Finally at 4pm on Friday my exams were all done! We went out at night to celebrate which was fun and tiring. Luckily Saturday was a jammie day spent mostly in bed watching TV. 

On Sunday Scott came over again and we went to Hazlehead park for a walk which was so lovely (I took my camera but at this time of year there wasn't much to photograph). I got an ice cream and we watched a man with his giant bunny on a lead (!?) In the evening we went out for tea at the filling station which was super tasty only a shame it was so quiet on a Sunday night. We then got a McFlurry from McDonalds before coming home to watch hell's kitchen.

Hope everyone else had a good week - I'm looking forward to relaxing before going home on Friday. Maybe even see wicked too although it looks like I'm going on my own...

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