My week in pictures #122

Sunday, May 31

(From top left) On Monday we had the first bee swarm of the summer which meant putting on our bee suits to help dad get them back into their hive. On Tuesday afternoon we welcomed baby sophie into our family - my 4th little cousin. On Wednesday I made cookie dough cupcakes which got good reviews from my family. Also Scott started to teach me how to drive which was a nerve racking process (for both of us probably). A new ASOS magazine full of lots of summer fashion inspiration. Saturday night Scott and I finally got round to watching the kingsman which was really really good.
My first week at home has been relatively busy - I've ovbiously had a hella lot of unpacking to do as well as seeing Scott and other family members. All my clothes were finally back in one place in my wardrobe on Monday afternoon when I got called out to help with a bee swarm in our garden. Something I'be faced before a few times so I wasn't that phased - meant our lunch was really late though.

On Tuesday afternoon (weirdly five minutes before I was talking to Scott about it) my little cousin was born. Of course I am bias but she is so cute and had hundreds to facial expressions already. Scott and I got along to see her on Saturday afternoon when I got lovely cuddles from a sleepy baby (who had kept her mum and dad up all night) and we took her for a walk in the pram too. 

Wednesday finally came around and Scott insisted we start my driving lessons... I was a little over nervous and stalled more time than I've ever before but practise makes perfect! We made our favourite nachos for tea and lay in front of the TV until it was time to go home. 

My aunt and uncle came for tea on Friday because they are off on holiday soon. Lovely to have tea all 6 of us and my mum cooking was delicious and by the time they left at half 10 I was ready for bed. Saturday Scott and I went shopping for somethings for holidays... and I bought nothing!!! Just didn't see anything I liked and the shops were super busy - I guess I just wasn't in the mood. We took a detour on our way home to meet baby Sophie and then back for a ready meal and a movie night. I've wanted to see Kingsman since we missed it in the cinema and it didn't disappoint. I want to see it again and I know mum will enjoy it so I'll be buying it on DVD.

We spent Sunday morning lazily in bed before Scott gave me a lift home. I'm ashamed to say I've hardly done anything since then... oops!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their week had much as I did. If you want to see more photos like these give me a follow on Instagram @ginger_claire.


  1. I've watched Kingsman a couple of times now and I personally hated it :( Everyones different though x

  2. OMG kiss the cute baby for me he's so cute and beautiful ♥

  3. Awwww your baby cousin is the cutest! Oh gosh, I can remember when I started my driving lessons and I was so nervous haha. Hope yours go all ok :) it's such a good feeling when you pass your test and can get your own car xx


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