My week in pictures #125

Sunday, June 21

(From top left) Some last minute holiday shopping and a new duvet cover for my flat in Aberdeen. I finished reading Kate Kirby's debut novel 'It Could Be You' - expect a review on my blog in the next few weeks. A view of the angus coastline on a walk on Thursday. A new cookbook was a present from Dad full of meals for one. One of the recipes from the book - beetroot, orange and chocolate brownies. All ready to fly to Tenerife on Sunday.
I'm writing this post after 10pm on Friday night because tomorrow we leave for a night in Glasgow before flying to Tenerife on Sunday. We plan to take a wander through an area of Glasgow Scott has never been too then some very last minute shopping and tea at Pizza Express. We are flying at 9am so will be staying at a hotel near the airport so it is less driving. Not only is this my first foreign holiday since 2002 but it will be Scott and I's first too. My macbook will be left behind in my room too - hence why this post is being written now.

This week has dragged because I've been so excited. On Tuesday I went to get a few things last minute - including summer jammies because I realised I didn't have any. On Wednesday I went to Scotts and we made fajitas for tea - I didn't come home quite early though because he was so tired (he needs a holiday more than me).

On Friday I went into town to get my hair cut and obviously I'd thought of a few more things I needed for going away. The rest of the day has passed quickly with making sure everything was in my case. In the evening my aunt and uncle came out for tea. They are just back from Spain and wanted to get a take away and chill. Our chinese was delicious and I baked beetroot, orange and chocolate brownies for dessert. It was great to see them but now I'm shattered. It feels wrong to be writing this on a Friday. I'm off to finish season 4 of grimm and get some sleep.

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  1. Hope you have an amazing holiday, I'm a little jealous! x

  2. Those brownies look so so yummy!


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