My week in pictures #127

Monday, July 6

(From top left) A photo I took of the beautiful sunset on Monday night on my phone. My mum bought me this stunning rain coat from the Fat Face sale as a late birthday present. We got the keys for our new flat on Wednesday - I'm still looking for the perfect keyring. Dinner at Ask Italian also on Wednesday was delicious (I had the chicken and mushroom risotto). I ordered these magnets from Sticky 9 as a late birthday present for Scott - you can use the code FRIEND11MGO to get 15% off your first order. I spent most of Saturday afternoon scrapbooking and looking at photos.
Since getting back last week my motivation for blogging (and most other things to be honest) has been zero hence why this post is 24 hours late and Saturdays was up barely before midnight. Today I failed at finding a driving instructor too - I'm making it so difficult.

The start of the week feels so long ago now - it was mostly spent unpacking my holiday clothes and putting them in the washing. Then I started packing to go to Aberdeen on Wednesday. We were going to move into our new flat and spend the first night there together. However when we got there we discovered the flat hasn't been cleaned... and it was bad! We couldn't settle or unpacked so we decided not to spend the night.

To make up for our crappy day I went out for tea at Ask Italian with Eilidh and her mum. I'd never been before but after the three course meal I will definitely be back. We then went shopping and back to Eilidh's aunties for a sleepover. After letting the cleaners into our flat we went to the beach on Thursday afternoon for a picnic. It was a fantastic day and when we went back to the flat again it was perfectly clean.

After an exhausting day in Aberdeen I got the train home with Scott. The first thing I did when I got in was jump in a hot shower then we made nachos for tea. Perfect!

I spent most of Saturday afternoon and evening scrapbooking. I bought a new album so I have loads of room for new photos. I have also ordered new prints from Snapfish to fill my holiday album. I saw Scott again on Sunday - we went to Dundee and did some shopping in TK Maxx, dunelm mill and Tesco (the perfect old people day out).

I am more on top of blog posts this week so there should be two new ones on Tuesday and Thursday. I'm off to T in the Park on Friday and was wondering what type of 'Festival Themed' you would like to see. Please leave me a comment and in the mean time give me a follow on Instagram.

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