A Postcard from Tenerife 2015

Saturday, July 4

Coming into land over Tenerife was one of the most exciting experiences of my life. You could see the whole island tiny beneath you and I was dying to land and spend the week in paradise. It really was paradise - I slept so well every night and woke up not believing we had another day to spend exploring.

Most days we went out walking in the morning around costa adeje then back to our balcony for a lunch of salad, fresh bread, cheese and salami. In the afternoon we would lie beside the pool going for a dip when it got too hot then back to our room to get ready for dinner. We eat in some really good places - both Spanish style (I had the most amazing paella) and more American style restaurants. Cocktails on the roof of the pretty impressive hardrock cafe building was a highlight for me.

Towards the end of the week we took the bus to an area along the coast called Los Cristianos and walked back in the 30°+ heat. Obviously stopping for drinks along the way - Scott also taught me how to play pool and now all I have to do is get good enough to beat him. We also went out one night 'clubbing' in Las Americas for Scott's birthday. That was an experience and very different from nights out in Aberdeen. I couldn't spend a whole week drinking cheap vodka though.

The highlight for me though was probably Siam Park. We went on the Wednesday right in the middle of our holiday and spent from 11am to almost 6pm on the slides. Scott had to bully me onto the first ride... I was really scared and almost walked back down in a tearful huff telling him not to be so mean to me. After that though I loved it and went on all the 'amber' rides and 'The Giant' was a particular favourite. Both Scott and I loved the wave pool too which was scary and exciting. It boasts the largest artificial waves in the world at 3m which is pretty intense when you in the middle of it in deep water!

I could go on and on about Tenerife all day as my first adult holiday it will always have a special place in my heart. I'm already excited to go back even if it won't be for a few years yet.

Come back next week for an outfit diary too - they are some of my favourite photos!


  1. Wow! What absolutely beautiful photos you took. Can't wait to see the outfit posts coming up soon xx

  2. Alanis Zaratan8 July 2015 at 17:47

    Nice shots! :) You're really good at taking pictures. =)))



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