Patterned Joggers and a Denim Shirt

Thursday, July 23

Top: New Look | Trousers: Peacocks | Shirt: River Island | Shoes: New Look | Necklace: Happiness Boutique
These trousers are back... because summer in Scotland isn't very warm at the moment they are perfect. I can't get enough of their bright pattern and lovely colours. To keep things simple I paired them with this plain embroidery vest which has a subtle daisy print. Again because we need to layer up at the moment I put on my denim shirt. A denim jacket is currently a huge hole in my wardrobe but luckily for me I can make this shirt work by rolling up the sleeves.

This pretty leaf necklace came in the post from Happiness Boutique yesterday and I love it. I'm hoping it is going to be really versatile but here I let it do the talking on a plain background. It is really delicate and lightweight but also feels good quality - the rose gold colour it has is really fashionable at the moment too. It also arrived beautifully packaged in its own bag and box so if you see anything on their website you like I would definitely recommend them. I'm sure you'll see this necklace in more outfit pictures.

This whole outfit is going to be packed in my weekend bag because I will be staying at my boyfriends on Friday and Saturday night. We don't have any definite plans but it will be nice to relax and do some cooking together.


  1. love love the patterned trousers, they looks lovely on you! you have a cute sense of style! :)Xx

  2. Awesome outfit, you look great - love Happiness Boutique too! :)

    I have a new outfit post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

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