Cortachy Highland Games

Tuesday, August 18

At the weekend my Grandma was visiting so we decided to take her to the highland games in the grounds of Cortachy castle. They are a typically Scottish event and even though this one was small they still had a highland dance competition, pipe bands and the traditional heavy events as well a small dog show. We watched the Caber toss, Scottish hammer throw and Weight over the bar which are pretty entertaining.

We all had a great day so of course I took my camera along to snap a few photos and put together a photo diary for you all. Hope you enjoy them and if you're not from Scotland let me know if you've been to a games and what you think!

I'm currently at my friend Eilidh from Her Pretty State of Mind because it is her birthday today! She has been showing me the things she is selling on her etsy store which are pretty cool. We are going to Pizza Express for tea - you should all go and wish her a very happy birthday!

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