George at Asda Wishlist - #TranfAutumn

Saturday, August 15

1. Rye 10-Drawer Chest of Drawer 2. Seine Pair of Dining Chairs 3. Boxx Side Table 4. Homemaker Red Oslo Shaggy Rug
I might have mentioned once or twice but my friend Eilidh and I started renting our first flat together at the beginning of July. We won't be moving in full time until September when we go back to uni but since getting our keys I've been back a couple of times. My mum and I spend a night there recently when we painted my bedroom a beautiful, fresh, clean white. I plan to fill my bedroom with as much colour as possible and have been trawling the internet (and pinterest) ever since. One of the sites I flick through a lot is George at Asda - they sell some beautiful homeware pieces at a great price. We don't actually need a lot of furniture but it can't hurt to look right - after all I have a fair say in the furniture in my boyfriends house too. 

These side tables are a lot of fun because the one piece has two colour in one. Perfect for bring a pop of colour to an otherwise beige room. If I find the space this is definitely the sort of item I would purchase.

While we don't require dinner chairs this one would look amazing at my white desk. This is something very stylish about the design and the bright red would match a lot of the things I've already bought. It is only a shame they are sold in a pair because I don't need two.

A set of drawers in different sizes and colours is a slight obsession of mine at the moment and if there wasn't already one (rather boring) in my room I love this one. Specially the light mint green accents!

1. Giraffe Cushion 2. Bear Hug Cushion 3. Morning Sunshine Cushion 4. Engraved Wooden Drawers

I've looked at alot of pretty finishing touches for my bedroom but the bedding at george is one of my favourites - they are very well priced too. Instead of narrowing it down for this wishlist I decided to go with cushions for my bed instead. Giraffes are my favourite animal so this is a must, my current bed covers have bear on so I thought this one would be fun and lastly this cute yellow one which would add a lot of colour.

I've been toying with the idea of a rug for my bedroom to cover the rather boring brown carpet. This red one would fit the bill nicely and for only £30 you couldn't ask for more. Finally I've been meaning to buy a mini set of drawers for my desk. This old fashioned looking one would fit lots of the little bits and pieces that normally just sit on the surfaces.

I can't wait to share a room tour with you when I've moved in and got everything all homely. Have you bought anything from George at Asda - I'd love to know so please leave me a comment.

*This post was written in collaboration
 with George at Asda. As always the 
words and thoughts are my own*

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