Blue Vanilla Concertina Pleated Skirt

Thursday, August 13

Blouse: New Look | Skirt: Blue Vanilla* | Shoes: F&F

One of my favourite things about working with brands through my blog is sometimes you get sent things you wouldn't normally pick. This skirt arrived from Blue Vanilla on Friday and I was a really surprize. I don't have anything like it and it is the longest skirt in my wardrobe. Saying that I really like its grown up formal style so I paired it with this sheer blouse and gold necklace. The red shoes also go nicely with the navy colour which I like.

As everything I have from Blue Vanilla it is great quality and really feels well made. I think it could be styled down a little with a plain top so you might see it on the blog again in the future. How can someone invite me out for a nice meal?

What do you think of this outfit? Leave me a comment below!

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