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Friday, September 11

I am a massive sale shopper - hardly any of the items in my wardrobe were bought full price and if they were they probably were bought by someone else as a gift or from Primark. So when Think Money got in touch to challenge me to show how much being thrifty and shopping in the sales can save you I replied straight away. As a cash strapped student this was night up my street and I wanted to show you lot how much I could save. They sent over £50 so over the past month I've been browsing the sales in store to see which bargains I could pick up.
Dress: Topshop | Price: £8 | Originally: £48
I was actually in Topshop with a friend and she took something to the changing rooms so I picked something up too. Once I pulled this dress on I instantly knew I needed it - the fit is amazing, it has pockets and overall it was just really comfy and flattering. The tag said £10 which I was more than happy to pay but when we got to the tills it was knocked down to only £8. This one is definitely going to be featuring in its own outfit post soon.

Bag: Accessorize | Price: £8.70 | Originally: £29
Socks: Topshop | Price: £1 (each) | Originally: £3.50 (each)
The Accessorize sale is one of my favourites. Not only are their products great quality but you can pick up some proper bargains in store when they knock 70% off. This bag wasn't originally stocked in the Dundee store but had been brought in for the sale. I knew I had to have it - it's quirky pastel design would go perfectly with summer dresses.

I can't be the only one who loves new socks so I bought these two because of their cosy feel and pretty patterns. 

Jeans: Topshop | Price: £10 | Originally: £36
I knew I wanted a pair of cropped jeans this summer because in Scotland the weather can be a little rubbish so with these I could still feel summery. This pair were such a bargain in Topshop and I love how comfy the high waisted style is. They are the 'Dree' style and the last time I was in store they still had plenty. They have already featured in an outfit post: An Everyday Scottish Summer Outfit.

Lights: Dunelm Mill | Price: £3.99 | Originally: £7.99
Candle: Yankee Candle | Price: £10 | Originally: £18.99
As we moved into a new flat at the start of this month I've spent a lot of my summer looking at cute homewear items. I picked up these lights in Dunelm mill for my bedroom and they look great above my wardrobe at the moment. I've also been burning this yankee candle a lot which is making the flat smell amazing. Getting one of my favourites 'Pink Hibiscus' on sale was a really good deal.

Overall this haul would have cost me £147 but I only paid £42.69 which is an overall saving of about 70%.

I've really enjoyed sharing this haul with you all - also I'd love to know where you got to pick up bargains?

This post was written in collaboration
 with Think Money but as always it
 is my opinions. If I didn't love
 it I wouldn't share it.

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