More Casual Knitwear and Bootcut Denim

Wednesday, November 11

Jumper: F&F at Tesco | Jeans: Glamourous Outfitters* | Shoes: Vans | Earrings: Body Jewellery Shop* | Scarf: My Mums
When I receive samples through etailPR I try to think of exciting ways to style them. These jeans, for example, arrived weeks ago and after taking them up (they were quite long on me) I've worn them loads but they didn't seem like 'blogworthy' outfits. I've now just decided to show you a very typical outfit and how I mostly wear denim jeans - with knitwear! I wore this to go shopping on Sunday with Scott in the pouring rain.

The jeans themselves are a bootcut style and very comfy. They are a great colour and I feel like they are good quality too although I've not washed them yet. Due to my slightly awkward size (and chunky thighs) I had to order a size up and the waist is a little too big so I'll always have to wear a belt. These are jeans are going to be worn until they have holes in and maybe even longer. 

It is a shame you can't see my ear piercing better in this post however I love them too. Although they were relatively cheap I can wear them for days without them getting uncomfortable which is rare for me. I've worn them pretty much everyday since they arrived two weeks ago including in the shower and they are still looking good. I like simple studs which you can wear everyday without having to think. 

What do you think of this outfit? I'd love to know the ways you dress up your bootcut jeans! 

Currently Glamourous Outfitters are offering you 20% with the code 20OFF before december 31st! Do let me know what you buy.

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