My week in pictures #145

Tuesday, November 17

(From top left) I made my dad a Birthday card for Wednesday. This awesome collage was made by my flatmate for me coming home on Friday. We watched the dark knight rises on Friday night too. These cocktail jelly belly's arrived in the post this week - expect a review soon. Saturday night out at the pub with friends. Watching an old movie on the TV on Sunday when hungover was nice.
University is really getting in the way of life at the moment and I've taken hardly any pictures this week. My last exam is less than a month away so everyday is spent trying to meet deadlines and fit in study time too. 

On Wednesday after three hours in the library I went to meet Scott. We did a big shop in morrisons (student life) and then made yummy spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. We then watched the apprentice in bed and had an early night. My life feels like it is full of early nights at the moment but I am just so tired 80% of the time.

So that's all I really did this week but it was productive with several hours spent in the library doing work. In the evenings I chilled with my flatmate and we watched netflix - on Friday we even started to watch 'The Dark Knight' but got interrupted before the end. 

On Saturday morning I got up and packed my bag to head to Scott's for the weekend. It is one of my favourite things because it is so relaxed with him. We went for lunch with a friend of ours then a few hours later headed to meet his parents for tea. At night we had an engagement party to go to for a family friend of theirs. Then we headed to a pub owned by a friends mum for a few more drinks... and that's where my memories end! 

I do know I made it safely back to bed though the next day I was horribly unwell. Sunday was mostly a write off but we watched 'Big' on the TV and had a yummy mexican dinner so it wasn't all bad. Early to bed but now it is Tuesday I still feel like I'm recovering...

I've not been the greatest blogger as university keeps getting busier and busier but I'm away to work on tomorrows new post so it will hopefully go live at a sensible time. Check back tomorrow to see a gorgeous dress I've been loving recently. 

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