An Awesome Green Fox Print Dress

Wednesday, November 18

Dress: ebay | Shoes: Marco Tozzi | Scarf: New Look (similar)
I don't normally buy things from China on ebay but after seeing this fox print dress online I was determined to have it. It cost me less than £10 and it arrived two weeks after I ordered it - a whole week earlier than it said it would too.

Look how cool it is though! Maybe not the best quality in the world but it isn't bad either. I love having something green in my wardrobe - I used to really dislike the colour but it actually goes really well with my hair so I've given in. 

I wore it simply with cosy tights and my black boots. The faux fur scarf from New Look a few years ago adds some much needed warmth because Aberdeen has started to get very cold. I've not worn this anywhere exciting yet but just to uni and traveling back home for the weekend.

I'm going home again this Friday and I'm so excited. I get to see family and have a driving lesson on Monday. Hopefully just the de-stress I need before exams really kick in.

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