My week in pictures #150

Monday, December 21

I arrived home on Monday to this gift from Access All Asos* - isn't it cool? We watched the Grinch on Monday too with lots and lots of party food and friends. Gifts from my flatmate as part of our 'one pound gift challenge'. Scott and I watched Elf on Friday night - it isn't Christmas without Elf. I made some extremely tasty Christmas biscuits on Sunday (you can see how they turned out on my Instagram). Finally I made apple and cheese tarts which I've not tried yet but they look impressive. 

Waking up in Scott's house on Monday morning felt so good - I didn't have loads to do so I was able to have a chilled morning with my laptop in bed, have a shower and do some tidying before heading back to Aberdeen. Our plan was to buy lots of party food, invite friends over and watch a Christmas film. It was our last chance before everyone started heading home for Christmas. We decided to watch the Grinch which I love then the new Cinderella which I'm not sure I loved that much.

On Tuesday I tried to finish my Christmas shopping but annoyingly TK Maxx didn't have the last little bit for Scott's package. I did buy wrapping paper and the things I needed for my one pound gift challenge post. 

My parents were coming to get me on Thursday so Wednesday was mostly spent cleaning. My flatmate also went home so I was on my own - there was plenty rubbish to take out, recycling to do and cleaning to finish so I didn't get bored. I spent the rest of the night watching Kirstie's homemade Christmas and wrapping my presents. Scott came round after his work Christmas party so I wasn't alone all night. By the time I arrived home on Thursday I was pretty shattered and happy to be home. 

Friday was spent the opposite way - unpacking! I managed most of it though so I went to Scott's on Friday evening. We had even more party food and watched Elf. I was back home in plenty time for the strictly come dancing final. In the end I actually didn't care who won because they all deserved it but I think Georgia was my favourite. Sunday was a relaxed day at home - more tidying and decorating for Christmas. I also made apple and cheese tarts then made spiced biscuits to decorate. A good Sunday to finish off a good week!

This week I also wrote a guest post for the Scot Bloggers blog - you can read my Five Christmas Party Looks here.

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This week I decided to create my first end of year survey. I would love it if you filled it out - just click the link here - it will only take a couple of minutes and your help will be invaluable. 

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