My week in pictures #153

Sunday, January 10

(From top left) As part of my January clear out I've put some clothes on depop - check them out here or my username is gingerclaire_. My prints arrived from snapfish and I can't wait to scrapbook with them. Lunch on Friday at Roos Leap - my burrito was delicious. These Peanut Hottie samples arrived in the post so I can't wait to try them. Scott and I went for a walk down to the beach on Saturday afternoon even though it was starting to rain. Today I made a layered walnut cake (looks impressive).
Has anyone else felt trapped in by the weather this week? Luckily we haven't been affected by the flooding that has hit so many in this area. We didn't go out at the start of the week much and most of the days were pretty dark. I waited it for the courier on Monday then Tuesday too when they couldn't find my house the first time. It arrived just in time for me to take photos for my 'What I Got For Christmas' post. 

On Wednesday I went to Scott's in the evening. I popped into the post office to post my first depop order then had a browse in the New Look sale. I couldn't buy anything though because their card machines had just gone down. Scott and I made a very simple meatballs and spaghetti for tea and started to watch the American masterchef. 

On Thursday I really got stuck into clearing out my wardrobe. I've got three bags of things for the charity and some old boxes too. Sadly clearing out also seems to make a real mess... Thursday was also so awful I didn't manage to take the outfit pictures I wanted to. However on Friday I got up in plenty of time to take them before my Aunt and Uncle arrived. We went out for lunch at Roos Leap then I helped my aunty set up her new fitbit. Finally we finished off the day by watching a movie in front of the fire.

Saturdays spent with Scott are always my favourite. This weekend we decided to go for a walk - even though it was drizzling and cold. We spent a great couple of hours walking along the beach and looking at all the things washed in. Kind of like Katie Morag - we found a wooden mallet, a small bird house and a small yankee candle. In the evening we watched TV, I baked then we ordered a takeaway. Sadly the rest of the night was kinda spoilt by my Asthma playing up... I was woken several times through the night too. 

Today my little cousin came round! We had a nice family lunch - a indian feast courtesy of my parents. Baby Sophie is growing so fast and has started to find her voice. They weren't proper words but she was pretty happy anyway. They've not long left and we are chilling beside the far. I'm shattered so it won't be long before I'm off to bed!

Remember to check out my depop. I'm going back to Uni at the end of this week and would love the stuff gone. Feel free to make me an offer. 

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