My week in pictures #157

Sunday, January 31

(From top left) We finished the first season of prison break on Thursday - it was so intense I need a break now. Arrived home to find mum had bought me this cute skirt because it was £1 in the Tesco sale. I made January's recipe from my GBBO calendar - a somerset apple tart. We also got to test drive a new car on Saturday afternoon and today mum phoned up and paid the deposit so it is now ours! 
You might notice all of these pictures were basically taken at the weekend - that is because my week at uni was pretty boring. Think I'm going to need some sort of activity to keep me occupied while I'm not in lectures. As I suspected Monday was so draining - 6 hours without a break is too much for me. I then came home and snacked loads before my tea which I feel really guilty about. 

I spent quite a lot of time this week trying to sort out my student loan and bursary. They didn't get it right at the start of the year and I've been chasing it ever since however finally on Wednesday they got it sorted. Now I will have money again after being skint for 5 months. Scott also came round on Wednesday and we made Old El Pasos Baja Fish which was delicious. We also finished the first series of masterchef USA. 

On Friday I woke up feeling pretty crappy but instead of staying in bed I got up and tidied my room, hoovered the flat and got on with a few odd jobs. Scott came home via mine to pick me up - I was really happy to be back with my family at the weekend not to mention the dogs were both really happy to see me. I had a driving lesson on Saturday morning - Tom taught me how to parallel park which was nowhere near as difficult as I thought it would be. He said I was driving excellently and we can think about booking my test soon - eek!

In the afternoon we went to look at a car we'd spotted online. After a test drive we were 95% sure it was the car we wanted and now we are the proud owners of a lovely red ford fiesta. When mum and dad go to pick it up I'll be insured to drive it too. When we came home I was in a really good mood so baked an apple tart. It went down really well with everyone too.

Sunday has been a relaxing day. I helped mum clean the kitchen floor, we took the dogs for a walk and now I'm lying beside the fire. I do think that the bath is calling my name though.

I hope everyone has had a good weekend! I've linked some more blog posts below if you fancy keeping reading. 

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