Today I Turn Twenty One

Monday, March 21

It's my birthday! The one day of the year I get ridiculously excited about - this morning I was wake at 7am which is so silly for someone who is turning twenty one. 

I'm not going to stop loving my birthday either because while it does mean I'm getting older it also means I'm still here. Growing up is such a privilege a lot of people don't have so I'll always be grateful. Ours is the first generation where people will commonly live until they are over 100 so I hope I still feel the same then.

I'm looking forward to dinner with my parents and boyfriend tonight despite having to endure six hours of uni first. At the weekend I'm having a family party where, for the first time in ages, all my family will be there.

The aim for this post was to find photos from all 21 of my birthdays but for some reason there seemed to be quite a few missing. Probably because from about the age of 5-10 I spent most birthday pretty unwell... However life has only got better with every birthday so here is to the next 21 years!

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