My week in pictures #164

Sunday, March 20

(From top left) I finished 'Little Lies' this week - see what I thought on goodreads. My chemistry experiment on Thursday involved lots of white gas. The freezer drawer fell on my leg - ouch! Went out for my 21st birthday on Friday with my flatmate and boyfriend. Sunday was spent wandering round the free venues at the Aberdeen Jazz Festival - really enjoyed the unis big band! Pizza at Pizza Express to finish off the day.
This week had been another busy one but lots of fun too. It got off to a slightly rocky start though - I got the rain back to Aberdeen on Monday morning but when I reached the flat I realised I didn't have my DSLR. I didn't give it much thought though because I just thought I'd left it at home, on Friday I found out from my mum it wasn't at home, it isn't at my boyfriends either so I've no idea where it could be. I am beginning to get pretty concerned. 

I made a long to do list near the start of the week but it took me until Friday to work through all the jobs. Things in the flat suffered and so did my blog so I could get uni work done. Scott came round on Wednesday again for tea and we made chicken and mashed potatoes for tea, watched 'Lucky Man' and I tried to relax. The thought of a night out on Friday kept me going. 

I decided I wanted to go out on a Friday (my favourite night out) for my 21st birthday which is tomorrow. My boyfriend and flatman came too and we had a fab night. Just the right amount of alcohol to make dancing a little crazy and McDonald's seem like a great idea. It must have been almost morning before we fell asleep so we definitely paid for it the next day... On Saturday we did very little just lazed around then we food shopping. After the rugby game we made a delicious pasta dish for dinner and watched 'Lucky Man' again.

Today my folks were coming to Aberdeen for the Jazz Festival so I headed into town early to do some shopping before meeting them but something must have got muddled because I ended up in town hours before the had even left the house. When they got here it didn't matter though, we wandered round the free jazz festival sites then went for tea at Pizza Express. They had tickets to see someone else play later on so I said goodbye and walked home. I watched 'Prison Break' with my flatmate and had some cheeky early birthday cake.

I turn 21 tomorrow - I love my birthday and get ridiculously excited. Hope everyone else has had a lovely week. Next week is going to be really good too... I can feel it!

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