A Day Trip to Stonehaven

Thursday, May 19

During exams I felt like I never left the flat and cabin fever was really starting to kick in. Since they finished last Friday I felt determined to go out and do as much as possible. I plan on staying in Aberdeen for two weeks after my exams so I can see friends and go out more.

On Tuesday I persuaded my flatmate, Eilidh, to come to Stonehaven with me. The train costs less than £5 and I thought it would be nice to get out of the city for a while. We took lunch and had a picnic on the beach, we had ice cream at Aunty Bettys and coffee at The Waterfront Cafe Bar. Being bloggers we took plenty of photos of our walk on the beach and wander round the harbour. I made a complete mess with my ice cream while trying to take the perfect photo for Instagram... and even though the day wasn't as warm as I would have liked we still had a great time.

Dunnottar Castle is also really close by - I'm desperate to persuade one of my driving friends to go sometime next week. I'm sure you'll hear about it if we do go!

Blouse: Warehouse* | Skirt: New Look | Coat: The Vintage Boutique Collection via TK Maxx | Shoes: Just for £5* (similar)
Annoyingly I didn't get to wear what I wanted so had to make do last minute. I ordered trousers from Fat Face but they arrived on Tuesday morning in the wrong size. Slightly annoying because they are normally such a reliable company. 

While this outfit might not scream 'day at the beach' it wasn't that warm so I was trying to be prepared. The colours in the blouse match the skirt so well I'm surprised I've never worn them together before. Coral is always a safe bet but this blouse never photographs very well - it is much prettier in person. 

Have you ever been to Stonehaven? I'd love to know any other places you would recommend for a day trip in the Aberdeenshire area.

Thank you to my flatmate, Eilidh, for taking the pictures of me. She also had a blog which you can check out here.

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