My week in pictures #174

Sunday, May 29

(From top left) Ice cream from Aunty Betty's in Stonehaven on Monday. These new boots arrived in the post from JD Williams* - really love them! Getting myself slowly into running and pushing myself even though my legs were still aching. Edzell today in the sunshine with Scott. Meeting my neighbor's new dog today now that I'm home for summer.
My second week free of university has been just as eventful as the first. The week started off at Scotts flat where I woke up on Monday morning. I showered and tidied everything up before rushing out to try and catch the train. On the way to the station though I bumped into Scott's friends who were going to the same place as me - lucky because I probably would have missed the train. I met my geology friends in Stonehaven and we explored and wandered round the coast to Dunnottar Castle which was lovely. We had a chippy tea and ice cream before heading back to Aberdeen.

Tuesday was fairly chilled until my flatmate got back and we went to take some outfit pictures then to the gym. Annoying my calves were still too painful to run so I had to work out other ways. When we got home I sat with frozen peas on them which helped a lot more than I expected. Wednesday was my friend Kate's last day in Aberdeen so we went to Wagamama for lunch before she caught the train. It was a really good chilled day and the food was yummy as always. 

I spent the rest of the afternoon browsing the shops before Scott finished work. We walked back to the flat together and made nachos for tea. After a fairly early night I was feeling refreshed and ready for the gym. My legs were a little bit better so instead of pushing myself I ran and walked almost 2 miles which felt like a productive way to spend my morning. 

Friday was my last day in Aberdeen and all I had to do was pack up and meet Scott in town. I had a fairly long to do list and luckily managed to get it all done. Always feels bittersweet going home for the summer. Once back in Montrose Scott and I went to get food and cooked a pasta bake for tea. We then went for a walk because we couldn't resist a nosey at what was happening at the beach. Jools Holland was headlining the local music festival so we wanted to see if it was busy. 

We went to a first birthday party for my little cousin on Saturday afternoon. Spending time in the sunshine catching up with family was lovely. Afterwards we headed back to Montrose to go to some of the music festival. We had a few drinks in the pub but didn't stay out too late - neither of us could deal with a hangover the next day. 

I thought Sunday would be pretty lazy but after a long lie and a slow start we decided to make the most of the sunshine and go to Edzell. It is much further inland so it was glorious in the sunshine so we walked down the river before stopping for ice cream. Afterwards it was finally time for me to come home - I never like leaving Scotts though. Mum and I decided to take the dogs for a walk and I finally got to meet our neighbours new puppy. Such a good weekend and I'm more than ready for bed now.

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