My week in pictures #175

Sunday, June 5

(From top left) I've sped my way through the first two series of Arrow so quickly - I got addicted so quickly! On Wednesday Scott and I walked to the lighthouse and even though it was windy it was lovely. A run down by the beach in the sunshine on Thursday morning. Pancakes, strawberries and cream courtesy of my Aunty for tea on Friday. The falls of feugh on Saturday - Scott and I went for a walk up the hills. I won the lovely Paige Joanna's giveaway and my lancome goodies arrived at the weekend. 
My first week back home for the summer and the weather has been glorious! It has been pretty chilled out with a bit of unpacking, tidying and going outside. I've been able to take the dogs on plenty of walks and practise my driving. 

I started my week with a driving lessons - my instructor thought I did really well especially as I hadn't been in the car for over a month. The rest of Monday was spent unpacking my suitcases and clearing out my wardrobe a little. On Tuesday I cleaned the car so it was all shinny and read again but I didn't really do much else.

As normal I went to see Scott on Wednesday - we took a walk to the lighthouse because the weather was so good. Afterwards we made salmon for tea and watched modern family. I decided to stay over so in the morning I went for a run to the beach - running outdoors wasn't as easy as I hoped but I almost managed to match the pace I set in the gym. I definitely got the best part of the day before 9am and the weather was so nice.

The rest of the week was pretty quiet until Friday evening when my aunt and uncle came out for a Chinese. I drove into town to pick it up which is a big responsibility but we made it home when it was still hot. It was lovely to catch up with them before they go on holiday then I leave for America too. 

On Saturday Scott and I decided to do something fun - we drove up over the grampian mountains to a little walk in Glen Dye. The sun was shinning, we took some lovely pictures and played in the river. I just wish I'd worn SPF because my shoulders got quite burnt - I feel so stupid! Afterwards we went to have a look at the falls of feugh and Banchory on our way home. I came home that night because I wanted to meet my brothers new girlfriend who was coming over that evening.

Sunday was also pretty chilled with a slow start, my brother and his girlfriend were making pancakes for breakfast so I managed to nab one of those and a cup of tea to take back to bed and do some blog reading. I drove mum and I into town in the afternoon and managed to handle Tesco carpark pretty well so I was happy about that. Really feel like my driving is improving. Later on we took the dogs for a walk in even more sunshine and I've just been looking at clothes online for my holiday. We are having Japanese style salmon meatballs for tea which I'm quite excited about! 

Next Sunday I'll be in Florida (!?) - I don't plan to stop blogging while I'm away for two weeks but things might be a little sporadic. Hope you are all enjoying this wonderful sunshine as much as I am. 

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Noticing the summer slump in my comments already… I appreciate all the support though and try to return the favour as often as possible. 

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