My week in pictures #176

Monday, June 27

(From top left) I made chocolate brownies and took plenty of photos for a blog post too. Scott and I made a mexican chilli stack for tea on Tuesday. Our pre-holiday meal at Bella Italia finished off with yummy deserts. Posted my postal vote in the airport just before we checked in. Our first view of Orlando - always a very exciting part of the holiday. Smiles before the first meal out at the Olive Garden. 
I had an amazing time in Florida! We got back on Saturday morning and I've spent two weeks away from my laptop and the blogging world. Our room didn't have internet and in the end it seemed like a good excuse. Plus we were so busy I wouldn't of had time anyway. To get back into blogging I've decided to share the Week in Pictures what was intended for the 12th of June. There will be posts about my holiday when I've had time to digest everything that happened.

As you can expect the week before the holiday was really busy. On Monday I went to Dundee to get some dollars for the trip. I had a look in the shops for some new things for my holiday but didn't see anything. On Tuesday after my driving lesson (which went very well) I went to Scott's for tea. I drove so mum and I popped into New Look first to get some new things for my holiday. We made a delicious mexican dish and watched Modern Family.

On Wednesday I went to visit my Aunt and Uncle. My baby cousin was there and then I picked my other little cousins up from School. We had a lovely family meal afterwards - it was just really nice to spend the whole day playing with my cousins. 

The next day I had to finish packing because Scott and I were getting the train to Glasgow. We checked into our travelodge after trekking our suitcases across the center. We then went to get tea at Bella Italia before having an early night. 

Friday was the day we flew to Orlando so we were up early, got the bus to the airport, checked in and then had breakfast before boarding our flight. Surprisingly the eight our flight didn't last too long, we had plenty to eat and plenty to watch. Getting off the plane was a slow process, we had to wait half an hour to get off then ages in immigration and customs but finally our holiday was about to start. When we got to the hotel it would have been after midnight UK time so we (mostly Scott) was shattered.

That's where I'm going to leave it there even though it was Friday. I want to save the rest of my holiday for a separate post when I've had time to sort through my photos. 

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