My week in pictures #177

Sunday, July 3

(From top left) Spent a lot of time this week editing my holiday photos and uploading them for Scott to see. Couldn't resist 'Tanya Bakes' - the photography is gorgeous in this book! Tea at the golf club on Friday night with my Aunt and Uncle. Hoping the rain holds off this morning long enough for Scott and I going for a walk at the beach. 
This has been a strange week and to tell you the truth I've done very little. Still feeling kind of sleepy at the start of the week with jet lag I've been pretty lazy. Mum and I have been doing plenty of driving practise and I had another lesson on Tuesday morning. My test is getting really close so hopefully practise makes perfect. I also went out with Dad for the first time since testing out the car - surprisingly he didn't have any complaints. 

On Wednesday I got the bus to meet Scott. We made meatballs and spaghetti for tea (a classic) then watched 'Modern Family'. I did plan to go home later that night but it got to about 11pm and we both decided we couldn't be bothered getting in the car. So I started Thursday morning at Scotts, had a shower, did the dishes and tidied up a little before going to catch my bus home. On the way I couldn't resist popping into WH Smith to see if they had Tanya Bakes. There has been so much build up on social media I couldn't wait to see it. It was half price so it would have been rude not to. Go team internet!

I agreed to go and help my Uncle put things on Gumtree on Friday. He isn't the most computer literate person but with a lot of patience I taught him how to create a listing and also take the pictures off his phone. My cousins also came to visit so I spent the rest of the afternoon crawling around the floor with baby Sophie. She is just learning to pull herself up on furniture so things are about to get a lot more tiring. On our way home we stopped at the golf club for some food - the rodeo burger was delicious but so much food. 

Saturday was uneventful. I had the house to myself so I caught up on some Chemistry revision for a resit exam I have to do next week. Sunday was more exciting - after getting up early to fit in more revision Scott came to pick me up. We left the car at this house and went for a long walk down by the beach. Luckily the rain forecast didn't appear so we had a lovely time. We had nachos for tea so I'm writing this post from my bed very full up. 

Hopefully by Tuesday I will have gathered together all my photos for my first 'A Postcard From Orlando' post. Stay tuned or why not follow me on bloglovin' so you don't miss it. 

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