My week in pictures #181

Sunday, July 31

(From top left) I finally finished 'The Scorch Trials' after starting it back in April. I sent off a package of dresses to Talented Talkers for their Bring and Buy, for Belle so I hope it helps. A very cheeky chippy tea on Thursday was delicious. I put together a big frame of our Orlando photos for Scott - I want him to know how much it means to me. I made a raspberry tart with berries from our own garden on Friday night (you can find the recipe here). Delicious Angus strawberries and strawberry ice cream as a Sunday treat.
This week has been a slow one. I've had a few university related things to sort out which haven't exactly made me very happy. Despite what people might think being a student isn't always easy. Monday and Tuesday were particularly boring - I don't think I did anything.

Wednesday was better because in the evening I headed to Scott's for tea. After too much indecision in Tesco we decided on enchiladas which were delicious. We watched two episodes of Masterchef USA and went to bed happy. My parents were away for a couple of days so I stayed at Scott's on Thursday. I was able to take my package of clothes to the post office. When I heard about the fundraiser for Belle I knew I could do a little bit to help. You can read their blog post here. I also took all Scott's change to the bank and got £20 in return. 

In the evening I went for a long walk down Montrose beach which was beautiful in the sunshine. Afterward I went to the chippy for tea and settled into the sofa to watch TV until Scott came back from the football. I finished watching Arrow Season 3 which was so good!

On Friday I had to go home because someone needed to let the dogs out. I did also have to walk the 45 minutes from the bus stop so I had a lazy afternoon because I was tired. When mum and dad got home I picked berries to make a tart and mum made pizza - delicious! Saturday morning started with mum and I thinking we could beat the rain and take the dogs for a walk. We couldn't and we got soaked... Afterwards I nipped into town with Dad and did a little driving. The rest of the day was so lazy because I was feeling cold so wrapped myself in a duvet and watched YouTube videos. 

I was very keen to see Scott so today I got up sharp and had a shower in time to get a lift with mum and dad. Scott and I did some shopping in Home Bargains and B&M before buying ingredients for risotto and heading home. We had a lovely chilled night on the sofa, made dinner and cuddled. Sadly Scott gave me a lift home and now I'm shattered. Ready to ace the first week in August though.

This week we also booked three days camping in Keswick and two nights in Newcastle. If you have any tips or relevant blog posts please link them below.     

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