My week in pictures #184

Sunday, August 21

(From top left) Getting goosebumps watching the last night of the track cycling on Tuesday. Scott brought me home some tea from Azerbaijan. This very pretty dish was a gift from my flatmates holiday in italy. I'm so bloody proud of this pizza cake - made for Eilidh's 21st birthday. Curly hair and big smiles going out for dinner on Thursday. Packing to go camping on Friday night.   
As you're reading this I should be having a great time camping in the lake district and hopefully going on nice long walks. There is also a good chance we will be wet, cold and miserable but we shall see. I'm preparing this post on Friday night so it still goes live on time and it has been a good week.

The start of the week was slightly dedicated to planning my flatmate's birthday cake. I went into town to buy ingredients and played around with colouring the fondant icing a 'pizza dough' colour. We spent the evening having dinner in the living room so we didn't miss any of the action in the track cycling. On Tuesday we had tea in the living room again so we could catch the last night of the cycling. Watching Laura Trott and Jason Kenny win their medals made me feel very emotional. I don't know what is so special about Laura Trott but she is someone who I find very aspirational. 

Wednesday was a super busy day for me. I had to make Eilidh's cake then pack my bags for going away. In the process I slightly trashed the kitchen so I was running out of time and chucking stuff in my bag for going to Aberdeen. Scott came to get me because he was just home from Baku, once in town we walked to the pub where we had a couple of drinks before heading home to order a takeaway. 

As Scott had put such long hours in at work we had a longer lie on Thursday before he drove me to the flat. I had a birthday breakfast with Eilidh, went shopping with her family, got reading and had a lovely family meal at Jamie's Italian. The photos are some of my favourites ones ever - I'm such a sentimental person. Afterwards we had a few too many drinks including a midnight trip to McDonalds. Trust me I woke up feel very worse for wear!

Friday was easy, my flatmates family came round to say goodbye. Then we had showers and got ready for the day. In the afternoon we got the bus into town because I was meeting Scott to pick up some last minute camping things. Once I got home much later in the evening I started to pack everything although I've still not packed clothes. Tomorrow will be an early start because I've still got so much to do. 

I'm leaving my laptop behind while we are away so I will update you all when we are back. If you can't wait that long give me a follow on Instagram (@ginger_claire) where I'll post updates.

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