My week in pictures #185

Monday, August 29

(From top left) Burgers cooked al fresco while camping in Keswick. Going out for a posh date night on Wednesday. A delicious chicken and leek dish at Gusto. Newcastle at night - so pretty. New clothes at arrived in the post this week. A very drunk selfie out in the pub on Saturday night.
If you saw my last blog post you'll know I spent a few days camping in Keswick last week. So on Monday morning I woke up in a tent excited to spend another day outdoors. I talked a lot about our holiday in my 'Postcard from Keswick' post so I'm not going to repeat it all again. 

Tuesday was glorious sunshine so we packed up the tent and stopped in Keswick for ice cream before heading to Newcastle. Similarly I have a blog post planned for this trip too so I don't want to talk about it too much. The weather was fantastic though - two of the best days of the year! Sitting beside the river was glorious and visiting the pub was really nice. I didn't want to leave on Thursday but when we got up it was really grey, misty and rainy. 

After a stop off at the angel of the north we drove home for about tea time. Being in the car makes me really sleepy so I was ready to slump. This week I've been trying to fix a samsung galaxy tab 3 which is now showing the message "firmware upgrade encountered an issue. please select recovery mode in kies and try again". I REALLY want to get it fixed so I can take it on the bus to Skye next weekend.

By Saturday I was missing Scott already so went up to see him. The weather was lovely again so we went out for a few drinks with his parents. I held it together for most of the night but I can't remember going home and woke up fully dressed... Sunday morning involved a lot of sitting very still incase I was stick. It took me along time to feel better but when I eventually did we went to lidl to get things for tea. We made sausage stuffed pasta which was AMAZING. Based on an Olive Garden recipe we've been dreaming about since leaving America. 

I cannot wait to get started on lots of new content for my blog in the coming weeks and being prepared for going back to uni. I cannot believe this is the last week of my summer holidays...

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