A Super Soft and Cosy Cardigan for Autumn

Tuesday, September 20

Cardigan: StyleWe* | Shirt: Primark | Jeans: Levi's | Boots: JD Williams*
This is my first autumnal look of the year - oh no! Although some days are still warm more often than not you need a jumper aswell. There has been a big cardigan shaped hole in my wardrobe for years. Considering I have so many dresses that need some extra warmth it seems silly.

This grey cardi arrived from StyleWe last week and it is gorgeous. It is partially wool so it is really cosy but it's also really soft. It is lovely, slouchy and I'm sure it will go with a lot in my wardrobe - I only wish they had it in navy too.

My favourite thing about the StyleWe website is all the different designers they have. Once you find something you like you can click to see the rest of the designers items. That way you can browse things that are more your taste. One of my favourites is Toyouth because it is so fun and colourful. Their red coat would be perfect for autumn.

Have you heard of StyleWe before? What do you think of the cardigan? They also have pinterest full of inspiration and a blog too.

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