My week in pictures #186

Sunday, September 4

(From top left) Bundi doesn't like getting his ear drops! I finished the second Harry Potter book this week - how did I manage to forget the ending? Mum was unwell so I made Spinach and Feta tarts for tea on Tuesday. I entered my honey cake into the Dundee Flower and Food festival - haven't found out how I did yet though... Spotted this lovely chunky knit cardi in the charity shop that will keep me warm in Autumn. My (huge) bag all packed to go to Skye on a Geology field trip on Sunday. 
My final week at home has been busy busy busy - not helped by mum being very unwell on Tuesday and Wednesday so not getting out of bed much. I've had plenty to do including a few bits and bobs for uni, blog admin things and I've also been practising to enter a cake in the flower and food festival in Dundee.

Mum didn't leave her bed for the whole of Tuesday so it was up to me to make dinner. I chose my trustly spinach and feta tarts which I've shared the recipe on here before. On Wednesday I went to Scott's and because the night was so lovely we went for a walk down the beach. I fancied Mashed Potatoes so we had cottage pie for tea and watched Masterchef USA. 

While walking home on Thursday I bumped into an old friend so it was lovely to catch up for 10 minutes. I had to get home though because of the dentist. I get myself in such a state but luckily my teeth and perfectly fine. In the afternoon I had to quickly finish my cake because dad are I were going to put our entries in at the Flower and Food festival. He is a Bee Keeper so he always enters his honey. No one from the house has been to the show yet so we don't know how we did - fingers cross though.

Friday I rushed around most of the day because I wanted to get packed so I could go and see Scott. Mum and I went into town to buy snacks for my fieldtrip. We also spotted this gorgeous thick knitted cardi in the charity shop. 

I managed to get some outfit photos taken for next week before dashing off to get the bus to Scott's. He made a gorgeous Sri Lankan curry for dinner and we watched the final of Masterchef USA season 3. After which Scott fell asleep on the sofa.

Saturday has been pretty chilled with a late start in the morning. We went to the bakery for lunch and came home to eat it outside - delicious. After we took the dogs for a walk then spent the rest of the afternoon playing board games. Scott stayed for tea with my family - for my last night at home it was perfect.

When this goes live I'll be part through the 6 hour bus journey to Skye. I never look forward to things like this but I bet by next week I'll be saying I had a great time - wish me luck! 

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