My week in pictures #187

Monday, September 12

(From top left) Arriving on Skye on Sunday and the lovely view back to Kyle of Lochalsh. Very happy with a rock - #GeologySelfie. Food has been very hit or miss this week but this pasta dish was pretty good. Pretty proud of this sketch in my note book. My geology friends when we had finally finished our fieldwork. Meeting Georgies puppy - I've never wanted anything so badly.
This week has been intense - I've been away on Skye for my second geology field trip. You might remember back in April I went to the Isle of Arran. This field trip didn't involve as much walking but was still pretty busy. I want to write a 'Postcard from Skye' post so I'm not going to go into it in much detail. We had a great week though and it wouldn't be the same without my friends.

Our final night was on Friday so of course as soon as the coursework was handed in we headed to the pub. We had a long bus journey the next day so I didn't plan on drinking much but that didn't last long. It was a really funny night even if my memories are slightly hazy. The next morning I wasn't hungover but the 6 hour bus journey was pretty horrific. The only thing that kept me going was the thought of seeing Georgies puppy when we got back to Aberdeen. He is so tiny and cute - I just wanted to take him home.

We had plans to go out for my friends birthday on the Saturday night but after I'd done my make up the plans changed so Scott and I went for a wander round codona's then home via McDonald's for McFlurrys. Sunday was a lazy morning because I was knackered from my week away. In the afternoon Scott and I went to do some shopping. I finally got the Papa John's Pizza I've been dreaming about all summer too! The weekend ended really well and set me up for starting a new university term on Monday.

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