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Thursday, September 29

Blouse: Fat Face | Skirt: Fat Face | Shoes: F&F | Phone Case: GoCustomized
I love all things sentimental and photo related. I've made everything from photo books to collages. The one thing I've never had is a personalised phone case because I've always had a somewhat obscure phone. So when GoCustomized got in touch I didn't get my hopes up - they'd either do cases for iphones or samsung galaxys. I couldn't have been more wrong though because they have loads including one for my beloved Moto G. 

It took me a while to choose the right photo. At first I was tempted for a shot of my boyfriend and I but after a twitter poll I decided a landscape was the way to go. I chose one from my holiday in Keswick because I really liked the photos and our camping trip has lovely memories for me. 

When my case arrived the first thing I noticed was that the quality was great! I don't think I've had such a sturdy phone case before. The website was really easy to upload my picture and design my case. I only wish my flatmate Eilidh told me that I was holding the picture the wrong way in the photos... 

The blouse is new from the Fat Face sale - I love its big, baggy style and the colour will be perfect for autumn. It seemed obvious to pair it with the Fat Face skirt I bought in the charity shop last year - they go really well together. This is the outfit I wore to afternoon tea at the Carmelite Hotel yesterday. I'm going to be blogging about that next week though.

If you're looking for a personalised phone case case, I'd definitely recommend GoCustomized.

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