A Happy Kind of Casual with Twinkle Deals

Tuesday, October 18

Top: Twinkle Deals* | Leggings: Golddigga via SportsDirect | Boots: F&F at Tesco | Hat: Primark
Leggings used to be a staple in my wardrobe - then the pair I had got a whole in them and I didn't replace them. A few months ago I was in sports direct looking at gym clothes (because I do that now) and felt these super soft black leggings. Golddigga isn't a brand I would normally consider but they are so soft, feel really thick and were only £5 so I could hardly turn them down.

This top was the second thing to arrive in my parcel from Twinkle Deals. During the colder months 3/4 sleeve tops like this are a staple in my wardrobe. They can be worn with jeans and skirts, are thin enough to wear comfortably under jumpers. My boyfriend says I smile alot so when I saw this top it kind of reminded me of him. Who doesn't like to be happy?

Again this raglan sleeve tee is a bargain from Twinkle Deals at only £8.29 and you can't fault the quality. I dressed it up slightly with my fedora that I definitely don't get to wear enough and black high heeled boots. I was actually hope this weekend so didn't have a lot of choice with footwear but maybe a longer pair of boots would look better?

Once again, from my experience, I couldn't recommend Twinkle Deals more for quick, affordable, on trend pieces. Have you seen anything from their site you like?

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