My week in pictures #190

Monday, October 3

(From top left) Homemade roast dinner on a Monday night. Afternoon tea on Tuesday at the Carmelite Hotel. Watched Bridget Jones's Diary for the first time this week. Delicious mexican lunch at uni on Thursdays. Homemade raspberry ice cream - did you see my blog post on Saturday? Movie night with Scott on Saturday - we are both just big sleepy heads though. 
It was really hard to find photos from this week that didn't involve food - oops! Monday started off well with my first Yoga class. It frustrates me how inflexible I am but it can only get better. Right? After handing in my mapping assignment we had lots to do for our old flatmate coming round for dinner. We cleaned the living room and the kitchen before I cooked a roast dinner. It was so nice to hand out, eat good food and drink plenty of wine. I went to bed late feeling quite tipsy. 

Tuesday I felt pretty awful but I struggled through my morning class and went to the gym for a fairly light workout. I then spent the rest of the day slumped on the sofa under a blanket. Luckily for me, my boyfriend came round with pizza later on because he was working late. Wednesday had an early start because I had reading to do before class. Afterwards to continue on the food theme my flatmate and I went to the Carmelite Hotel for afternoon tea. I had bought vouchers for her birthday in August and it was lovely. We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping before heading home to watch a movie and have tea.

Thursday is my busy day at uni so I was in from 10am to 4pm. I have also had blogging deadlines so it felt like there wasn't enough hours in the day. I made ice cream in the evening for a blog post for Currys PC World. It turned out so yummy so you should check out Saturdays post. I was so excited for Friday because I could finally have time to catch up on everything. I organised a ton of uni work and sorted out my bedroom too. I made it to the gym too for a workout. Friday evening was pretty relaxed with cooking dinner and watching Gotham on Netflix. 

My weekend started off with me giving the flat a good deep clean. I made the kitchen spotless, hoovered the living room and washed the hall floors. When I was finished I was pretty exhausted so relaxed until Scott arrived. We went to tesco to get ingredients for enchiladas, came home to make them and then head to bed to watch James Bond. Sunday was equally chilled, we had breakfast then I wanted some boxes from B&Q. We also went to Home Bargains and TK Maxx before going on the hunt for a camembert to bake. Later we made a fish pie for dinner and watched Hells Kitchen and Modern Family. 

I had such a chilled weekend which I felt like I really needed. I've been quite stressed with everything I've had to do plus the cold I had a few weeks ago isn't going away quickly. I just want to feel 100% again! 

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