My week in pictures #198

Sunday, November 27

(From top left) A burger king lunch on Monday because I got locked out of my flat. Sitting outside the library with the dogs in the freezing cold. I got a personalised body butter at The Body Shop event on Thursday. My driving licence finally arrived in the post - still over the moon about passing. I finished watching the second season of The Flash on Friday (can't get enough of DC Comics at the moment). On Saturday I watched Scotland win their second autumn international against Georgia.
This is my 500th post and I would love to have done something special but I've just not had the time this week...

At the start of this week I feel like I barely defrosted it got so cold. When we drove to Aberdeen early Monday morning it got as low as -7°C in the countryside. Normally in these posts I like to talk about all the good things that have happened to me this week but sadly this just hasn't been my week. 

I was already running late for yoga on Monday when I realised I'd left the keys to my flat (plus my handbag) lying on my boyfriends bed. I got told off for being late for yoga in front of the whole class, had to walk in the freezing cold to my friends freezing flat, then when she went out I kinda wandered to the shops leaving my bags behind. Annoyingly I couldn't catch her in again until Wednesday.

On Tuesday I found out that we would have to pick the locations for our mapping dissertations before the end of the semester - coupled with some cross words shared with my flatmate I went to bed tearful and exhausted. Paired with the amount of work I have to do before Christmas I'm afraid the tearfulness might have continued, on and off, until Friday. 

There have been good points to this week too - my boyfriend wasn't well (not good!) on Wednesday so we ordered pizza for tea. Probably the highlight was my friend Georgie bringing her puppies to the campus - we sat outside the library for an hour and got lots of attention. I got to go to another blogging event on Thursday at The Body Shop and meet some new faces. I'll be sharing some photos of that early next week so you'll have to wait. On Friday though after the library, some speedy tidying of the flat and zumba I got to go home!

The fire has been on, I've got to enjoy my mum's cooking, watch strictly with her, cuddle my dogs and today my cousins are coming over for tea. I've had to do some university work too but it does feel more chilled when you can do it with the fire on. 

Sadly today I wasn't able to get tickets to see Aberdeen FC play in the league cup final but I will be supporting them from home and hearing all about it from my boyfriend - COYR! I'm writing this well before kick-off so all we can hope is that they won. 

I've really struggled through this week and I don't think I'm coping with the stress of third year very well. I'm aiming for next week to be better though.

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