My week in pictures #201

Monday, December 19

(From top left) A burger to celebrate the end of exams at The Bobbin. A festive outfit because exams are finally over. The view of the harbour from the hotel I stayed in on Wednesday night. One of many Christmas films I've watched this weekend - The Holiday. A festive brunch on Friday with the girls at Patisserie Valerie - the french toast was delicious. I also took part in Christmas Jumper Day for Save the Children on Friday and made the important donation too.
Exam week also comes round so quickly but I've been excited to get them over with for months. Monday exam went pretty badly and left me feeling really deflated. Wednesday was much better (it couldn't have gone worse) though so there is always a bonus. After that we headed to the pub, my friends only have one drink though because they wanted to go home... I was up for a night out though so my flatmate came down to the pub, we had some food then drank and played pool against some random guys.

Once the pub closed I got a taxi into town to meet my boyfriend who was finishing his works Christmas party. It took me ages to find him so when I did I was so happy (and pretty drunk). I stayed with him in town and had the BEST lie in on Thursday morning. After having a shower I tired to start my Christmas shopping but didn't manage to buy anything. 

On Friday we went into town to meet one of our old flatmates for brunch which was delicious. Afterwards we did some shopping and Scott came to get me. We decided to spend the night at his house so after a stop at mine to pack we drove home.

This weekend has been super chilled. We've watched a few Christmas films... and Toy Story. Made nice food, went to the pub, got a tasty takeaway and had a few long lies too. I feel like I've been at max stress and busyness since September so all this relaxing time is so well deserved. I can't wait to go home home for Christmas on Wednesday now!

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