My week in pictures #210

Sunday, February 19

(From top left) An early start in the library on Monday morning. Watched Aberdeen beat Motherwell 7-2 at pittodrie on Wednesday night. My flatmate and I finished the first season of Daredevil on Thursday night. Spent an hour and a half of my life making this topographic model on Friday afternoon.
My week started early with a trip to the library as it was opening on Monday morning. I hadn't finished work that had to be submitted at half 10 - after two and a half of rushing I got it finished in time... only to find out later the deadline was 1pm!

I do the same thing almost every week with a trip to the gym on Tuesday and Zuma on Wednesday. I managed to fit in some uni work - I spent way too much time browsing pinterest for printables for my filofax and getting them to print on my printer. On Wednesday afternoon I made lasagna so it was ready to go in the oven when Scott and I got back from Pittodrie. Amazingly it wasn't freezing cold and the nine goals we saw definitely made it worthwhile. 

Thursday and Friday are both pretty busy days uniwise but that doesn't mean I didn't have time to finishing watching Daredevil in the evening. I'm slightly more into the DC Comic TV shows at the moment but I really enjoyed daredevil... much better than Luke Cage anyway. 

I find the motivation from somewhere to go the gym early on Friday morning before class - not something I'll make a habit of but I felt good. By the time 6pm on Friday came round I was dying for a pint and luckily for me Scott and some of his work friends were in town so I went to meet them. After plenty of drinks and pizza we crashed in the hotel room in the center Scott has booked for the night.

We did a lot of walking on Saturday morning - first back to my flat to get some thing for a weekend then back into town to get the train to Scott's. Thanks to slight hangovers and lack of sleep we spent the rest of the day in front of the TV. 

Scott's Dad gave us a whole lobster and Scott made a delicious curry for dinner. We were going to try and start 'Billions' but Scott fell asleep in the first twenty minutes so we watched supervet and got an early night instead. 

Today has been a great lazy Sunday, we went out for food then watched the football on the TV, I've also made a chocolate tart and been for a walk down past the beach. It has been both lazy and productive. My boyfriend also just bought a dishwasher so thats exciting! Can you tell I'm growing up...

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